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Security & Surveillance

XTL Security is a family-run business offering security, close protection, and surveillance services across the UK.

We have a huge amount of experience from event and crowd management, to RST, asset, and close protection, covert surveillance, and can adapt our services to suit your individual requirements. Many of our team are ex-military or police and we have male and female staff available to suit all your security needs

We have worked with rugby, football & cricket personalities, and the film and television industry. Our highly trained close protection operatives make sure the client is safe at all times

We offer everything from crowd management, venue and stage security to perimeter security and event search and access control operations.
Trust us to help you run your event successfully

Our Services

Our Services

We can offer services ranging from premises protection to security of assets used on sites. We have worked with national television teams to ensure they can conduct their missions securely and in complete confidence, on a 24 hour basis.
We can provide mobile and static teams to suit your requirements

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We can protect everything from trucks & vehicles, to location TV &
cine equipment, valuable cabling and stored high value materials.
Ensuring they are not stolen, or preventing people tampering with
them when not in use requires round the clock vigilance which you
can confidently leave to us.


We offer everything from controlled access, bag searching, enhanced
controlled substance detection and crowd control, to being in the pit at
the front of the stage to make sure people do not breach perimeters.
We have also worked on bars with queue management and checking

IDs. Backstage work including stage pass checking and ensuring over-
enthusiastic fans don't climb over the fences is second nature to us.

Their enjoyment and safety is our aim.

Close Protection 

We have worked with rugby, football & cricket stars, as well as being
a discreet presence at celebrity funerals. Client safety is paramount,
making sure the members of the public do not get too close or for any
harm to come to the celebrities or public figures whose protection has
been assigned to us. In addition we can provide secure chauffeuring
for such clients.

Medical cover

We are pleased to announce that we now offer medical coverage for your event. All from qualified medics and first aiders. We also supply welfare officers to deal with most situations.

Everything under one roof for your event, large or small.


About XTL Security

With over 10 years of experience in the security industry, XTL Security is a trusted and reliable security guard service. Our team of highly trained and professional security guards are dedicated to providing top-notch security solutions for businesses and individuals. We prioritise the safety and satisfaction of our clients, offering exceptional customer service and competitive rates. As proud sponsors of Morley Rugby Club and Bedford Town F.C., we are committed to giving back to the community and supporting local sports teams. Contact us today to discuss your security needs.

Ready to find out more?

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